Inspiring people: Carlos Rebate, Creative Writer & Speaker

Carlos Rebate

Carlos Rebate

Carlos Rebate is a great person who will spread his emotions to you and he inspires you to put emphasis on your personal growth. He is a great professional, a creative, an innovative thinker, a great communicator, an emotional leader, capable of overcoming any challenge and he has his vital projects very well defined and directed.

Las ruedas mágicas de la creatividad

Las ruedas mágicas de la creatividad

As proof of his creativity and intellect, he has already written two books. The first, “The magic wheels of creativity”, makes us play with a tool with which we can get the discipline to develop our own creativity. This tool is currently being used by prestigious international business schools to train their students.

sin temor a la noche

Sin temor a la noche

His second book “Without fear of the night” has been described as a “medicinal book” because the energy input and interior renovation that it causes in his readers, who say “the book can change your life”. It is especially recommended for parents who really should not forget that we have all the important things we need in life already.



Thanks to Carlos who is always striving to serve humanity. 

Nice to meet you Carlos.


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