Learning English in Dublin – Experience Summary

I had been studying  in Spain in an English school in one to one classes for 3 months with the objective of improving my English to find a job in Europe. I realized that I wasn´t very motivated and my English has not improved very much. During this time I had two interviews for international companies with European headquarter in Dublin. For one of them, Oracle Corp., my English level was enough because the post was Sales Development Manager that involves leading a team of international professionals with the some level of English. Finally, they did a internal promotion and I didn´t get the job. The second interview was with “Groupon” to work as a Online Marketing Manager. In that occasion they said that my profile didn´t fit with the role AND they said that I need improve my English too. So, I had decided that I need a change and I arrived to Dublin at July 16. I stay there until August 17. Two months full of new experiences.

I booked English classes in a school in the city center (The English Academy), I had chosen this because it was very popular on Internet blogs among the Spanish people. The school had a good price but they were mainly focused on the grammar and I wanted to improve my speaking. So, I stayed there for the month I had paid in advance and after that I changed to another school called DLTC in Dun Laoghaire, a little village in the south of Dublin. That school was focused on speaking so I thought that it could be better. In fact, it was a very good experience indeed because they had many extra activities after class which gave me the opportunity to practice more my English. But, on the other hand, after two weeks there I realized that I was speaking more time but I was careless about my accent which was worst than before I arrived in Dublin.

In any case, it was a very good experience because I made good friends from Spain and different countries, I practiced a lot and I got more self confidence with my English. In my oppinion the main advantage of studying abroad is that you are living out of your familiar atmosphere and comfort zone and this make you to learn more.

DLTC summer 2013

Primera a la derecha, Rocio, pero que guapa que estás !!

At that time, I had applied to one hundred offers and I had other four job interviews, always by phone. The posts were to get a job as a business development manager or project manager. I got a big feedback about the IT job market in Dublin.

I realized that the project manager role is better because you get a bigger fixed wage. The 50% of the IT workers are foreigners. The companies are increasing their staff in this industry. The country has a 14% of unemployed people but it is a good place to work if you are a IT professional because the industry has a deficit of 6%, i.e., the need more people who they can find, so more qualified people is needed in this field. The salaries are very good in the IT industry. They pay double that in Spain and although the life is expensive, it isn´t double of expensive. So, you can increase your incomes and even save some money.

I think I would like to live there. People say that the weather is very bad and the days are very short in winter, but I guess that it will be good for me and my family because we like to spend our time at home in a chill out way.