Adolfo Dominguez e-commerce: on the right path to success

Since 2009 the Spanish fashion brand Adolfo Dominguez ( has been in a challenging process to recover its viability. The plan is to center sales in the international market and Internet. In this way, Adolfo Dominguez is closing some shops in Spain and is opening other new franchises outside Spain. Adolfo Dominguez expects to have the 50% of sales in the international market in year 2015 and 80% in year 2020. 

Adolfo Dominguez is doing a multichannel distribution through its own shops, franchises, vente-privee (private sales) and general traditional commerce like El Corte Ingles. To these channels Adolfo Dominguez added rightly the online channel sixteen months ago. 

e-commerce fashion brand Afoldo Dominguez E-commerce Rules

Nowadays (March of 2013) the e-commerce site is working in 23 European markets and represents the 1th shops in sales on the world, with near of 20% of total sales of the company are on the Internet. This accomplishment was certainly the outcome of hard work of Valeria Dominguez (E-commerce Director), her team and Estanislao Carpio Martinez (Camper e-commerce) the new Managing Director since September 2012.

The company still has to improve its numbers in the short term, but certainly these changes are on the right path.

Like other important brands, Adolfo Dominguez is making a big effort to get market quota through SEM, SMO and affiliate marketing. This last looks to be the big bet of Adolfo Dominguez. Recently they have signed a contract with Zanox, which is the European leader in affiliate marketing, to generate incremental results on sales through their different models of services.

Relevant facts and figures evolution:

• 2010
Turnover: 166.93 million euros
Profit: – 4.78 M €
International sales: 24%

• 2011
Turnover: 153.13 million euros (-6.34%), Internet turnover: 0,98 million euros.
Profit: – 9.26 M €
International sales 2011: ?

• 2012
Incorporation Estanislao Carpio Martinez as Managing Director at AD. (He was one of those responsible for the success of
Turnover: 148,44 million euro (-3%) . Internet turnover: 3.9 million euros (+387%)
Profit: – 23.9 M € (+158,4%)
International sales: 41.8 M €

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